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The 57-Year Old Action Star May Be Grizzled, But Those Muscles Are Immaculate

More known for his breakout role as Ivan Drago in the film Rocky IV opposite Hollywood legend and fellow muscleman Sylvester Stallone, who played the titular character, Dolph Lundgren had a sporadic career in Tinseltown.

That is because the majority of his works and commitments were outside US soil. But even though his US movie career wasn’t as extensive as Stallone’s and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s were, who was also a muscle buff when he started, Lundgren’s impressive physical appearance and structure were embedded and seared to the memory of so many fans back then.

Now, at 57 years old, Lundgren now has that look of an older man. Older, but way better than he was before.

Rocky IV was released in 1985. And Lundgren was a fresh face packed with the right knots and the right places.

But things do change. And 1985 was a long time ago.

Dolph Lundgren demonstrates a laser-like focus as he trains.He couldn’t stay Ivan Drago forever. The flat-top was bound to go out of style, the Rocky franchise had reached its peak, and besides, he wasn’t even Russian. But here’s the biggest reason why Dolph Lundgren (who’s from Sweden, by the way) had to move on from Drago: because men get older.

The resemblance is there, of course, since he’s still tall and blond and handsome, but he’s not carrying quite as much muscle, and his skin has weathered a bit.

But he is a very fit man at his age. Training four to five times a week, Lundgren prefers to mix things up and vary his routines. That said, he still perform classic bodybuilding routines, including squat, bench press, deadlift, military press, and curls.

If he is not in the gym, you’ll probably find him in an Olympic-size pool. Or in a karate dojo honing his martial arts skill. Or somewhere quiet because he also likes to meditate.

Dolph Lundgren flashes his fight stance.“I get bored with too structured of a workout,” Lundgren says. “I think there’s a benefit to having a regimented schedule, like getting up at the same time every morning and having breakfast. But if I have a new workout coming up, it’s exciting for me.”

Through meditation, Lundgren is able to make his focus laserlike and that allows him to do more despite his advancing age.

“You have to accept the impermanence of existence. Nothing is permanent. Everything blossoms and dies.

I’m trying to squeeze as much out of it as I can”

With the work ethic that he has and that level of commitment, Lundgren can surely squeeze a lot of life.

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